Thursday, 26 February 2015

Killer Pieces - Paris Street Style.

Caroline is rocking her mini Pork Pie hat, which continues her sense of fun and humour.
This international jet setter, with her Prince charming, stood out as a couple on a fashion mission.
Tonal dressing is the new look of style Gurus, but it is always important to mix some fun and humour into the look.

Her Adidas x Jeremy Scott sneakers definitely transform her look into a sporty 'fashionista' with a strong sense of the outrageous!

Stay on top of your game, enjoy SRx

Killer pieces for the season SS2015 Paris Street Style.

Killer pieces for the season always has a slight paradox. 

What is on trend now with our fashion opinion leaders, will of course inspire our fashion followers of tomorrow, that's the natural progression of trends. 
Thus becoming both a current trend and a trend inspiration - A killer piece!

So in this case the killer piece is the HAT.
........and as the saying goes - If the hat fits, wear it!

The hat continues to be a killer accessory and the more often we take those bold style steps to put one on, the more natural it becomes. Can you imagine the day, when it will really become so mainstream no one would dare to be seen without one?
Or that the new originators of style will go without it?

Anatole - dancer, model, creative illustrator and fashion entrepreneur.

By connecting his artistic passion to his love of cycling, he has launched his own line of t-shirts.  

According to him, his T-shirts express the mentality of urban movement and a vintage spirit!

Good luck and keep the dream alive!

Enjoy SRx

Paris Street Style - Trend concept Modern Disorder

In the latest edition of View 2 (Denim, Casual, Sport) trend magazine, you will discover my 
Paris Street Style report, highlighting 2 trend new concepts. Modern Disorder and Style Mavericks.

After style hunting in the 'buzzing' corners of Republique, Le Marais, Le Sentier, Chatelet and Bastille, I met and selected these 10 "Individuals of Style", to represent my concept 

"Modern Disorder".

A look signified by the clash of modern minimalism and a rebellious, fashion protest.

It was the anonymity behind their style that attracted me to them, with their representation of individualism through long shapes, cocoon, volume, and a blend of Rick Owens avant-garde style and the current buzz around sportswear crossing function, fun and catwalk fashion.
Vivre le urbanist attitude, vivre non-conformism!

Issue 18 of View 2 is available from specialist fashion stores or by subscription, for more info,
please click here.

Many thanks to all of you for taking part, Enjoy SRx

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Paris Street Style - by Sidney Rhule in View2

Revolution Blue

It is deep, it is passionate, it is bringing a new colour mood into our tonal dressing mix.
I am calling it the Revolution Blue.
With Spring 2015, just around the corner, I want to highlight some inspiring colours to challenge the monochrome mood of black and white.

Meet Revolution Blue.

Thanks to Dong Thanh Tran, and Sandhora for spreading their Blue Passions.
Enjoy, SRx.

Northern European style- The Urban Casuals.

Introducing Yvonne.
The True stylist.

As she is a Visual Merchandiser for a top retailer-
(she wanted to keep it discreet, so its probably quite exclusive, either this or its connected to her Nordic roots ...... maybe Hennes and Mauritz..... who knows!)

Anyway.... she has the skills to mix her urban utility to make a feminine version of her male counterparts!

The result is a perfect harmony of these three hipster buddies, city surfing around the streets of Amsterdam.

But really, here would these guys have been without their complimentary female rider to soften their look!

Who says its a man's world....but it would be nothing, without a woman or a girl!

Thanks for taking part, enjoy SRx

From Switzerland to Amsterdam in style.

The Northern European Style.Is this look exclusive to Northern Europe? These Hipsters from Switzerland are definitely supporting this statement, as they blend, seamlessly into the Dutch canal streets, in the search of design inspirations and cool discoveries.Their back to basics colour and style code of urban utility in dark blue, khaki and black would confirm that they were true Hipsters. Almost as clearly as their cool accessories and specially groomed beards!Can we now say that Hipsters have become a timeless classic?These guys were as passionate by their bike culture as the fashion style, they even brought their bikes with them from Bern, to be sure that their rides stayed pure!
Manuel is part of the generation of DIY creators. He does not call himself a designer, he feels more connected to engineering and making things happen. But he is definitely fashioning his future

He Believes in quality that is made by hand. The clean leather straps and clean welding parts on the bike are a testimony to his craft. Plus the custom made parcel rack on the front of his bike are his own design and made by him from sustainable bamboo.

The cropped duffel coat, combines well with an urban mobility rucksack and a customised 
'Fixed wheel' special!

Marcel combines his style with a classic twist.

Thanks to Marcel, Manuel and Yvonne for stopping and sharing their passions.
I hope that you enjoyed your Amsterdam days!

Enjoy SRx.

Thanks to all of you for taking part, I hope that you enjoyed your days SR