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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Trends: Amsterdam Cool. - The Leather Trends Gallery.

A lot of people have the question .... "What is it to be on trend?"

The answer is always in the details...
.....To pick up on those 'small details' and an eye for style that's what!
Things just happen to fit and tick all the right boxes.

The 'Black on Black' statement has been something 'Hot' for a while, add to that a twist of the fashionable 'Top Knot', vintage inspired leather biker and that's the touch of flair - that fashion is made of!

Bryan, has the 'cool' to pull off this look with an easy relaxed style!

Dancing is his profession, but style is in his blood.....

Thanks very much to Bryan for taking the time to be part of this story....
Enjoy, Sid Rhule.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Blog shots - 'Denim Daze' - Focus London

#Blog #Flashback. In 2013 we looked at the rise of the LDJ - The Little Denim Jacket!

The message here is all in the layers.
The denim jacket- of course is again present, but this time with some slight customisation along the way! 

The statement is in a brighter 80's style, blue denim, with soft washing. 
It's the total look, which is the king, is mixing the more primary blue and red with a washed olive tone.

This is a style statement in simplicity and practicality, but the layers and accessories give away an alternative passion!
It can be true to know someone by their style- he definitely looks like a dancer? No?

Meet Rodrigo.
Job : Dance choreographer.
Born : Rio Brazil.
Inspirational moment: Dancing at the ICA.
Passion: Music. Old school Hip Hop - Tone Loc!
Loves: London, because the random people you meet on the night bus!
Meeting point: James street, Piccadilly, London.
Denim: Dolce Gabbana.
Denim style : Retro alternative.

Blog shots - Sid Rhule enjoy!

Trends - Amsterdam Superheroes

"Style conscious and fashion aware," our 2 superheroes, Hannah and Sammie, are ready to save the World as they stroll through the Vondel Park, Amsterdam, deep in conversation.

But with their mission in hand, they have it under control and whatever it is, they will always do it with Style!

With the blossoming of the new season, the mix of fresh new colours and new attitudes, these two express a sense of freedom to 'mix and match'. This is a street style that blends some of this seasons key statements.

Draped Nonchalant style with loose and oversized outerwear, and the graphic fun, of the 'Statement Sweatshirt'.

Enjoy, and thanks to Hannah and Sammie for taking time for us!

The Senses - Street Mischief & fashion colours - London Voice

Well with the first days of Spring finally in the air, the blossom is opening, the trees (and the pollen!) are coming alive and the Daffodils are suddenly coming into bloom!

Following the round of PFW, NYFW, LFW, MFW and all the countless fashion weeks globally, there are some clear statements to take note of, one of the first of these, in my view, is always colour.

This means we can expect to breathe in a 'fresh new step' into 'fresh colours' and experimental statements. 

It also means that we can open up our 'sense of creativity'. 
Mix up your primary statements.
Add a flash of neon.
Take inspiration from the sports culture or 'Sports Couture' as we are being informed....
Look to invest in 'K-way' or sports hybrid brands.
Give yourself a little go faster touché!


My 'spot of choice' was of course Red Church Street, London, E2. - You will need to be fast if you want to check out the street art, it may still be visible - (those council terrorist can be quick to clean up the artworks!!)

The trends are showing a fantasy mood, linked to 'optimism' and as a counter effect to the finical crisis and the strongly dramatic 'Black on Black' statement which shrouded us last winter. 
Today is a new day and it is definitely more primary, more colour blocked, a careful mix of colour and positive contrasts!

This links us strongly to many of the new sportswear and catwalk influences. 
Sneaker culture and sporty colours, details, and flashes are all in vogue currently and influencing many street styles and graphic imagery.

On a recent trip to my beloved 'East London', this was a confirmation without restraint!!

Apparently - This is often the case, in a year where there is a very visible sporting event - like for example, the World Cup! 

It has a clear and positive connection to the creative and commercial efforts from our sports marketing buddies. 

Hypebeast.com Adidas originals ZX Memphis.

We can also link this to the positive healthy statements and the current 'Marathon culture'. I think we have probably never seen so many 'amateur runners' taking over our streets! 
In the eighties it was the American style 'Power walkers' and today it's 'wannabe' Mo Farah's!

We can also say that World Cup fever is starting, if not a little early. 
Its still 65 days to go and counting! 

Its better to 'be prepared' than be too late to track down your favourite team shirt!

- But by the look of this little, cheeky character he is well prepared in his golden Brazil T shirt!


Friday, 28 March 2014

Concept stores - Amsterdam. Published in View 2 magazine. Feb. 2014

February 2014 the casual 'trend and lifestyle' magazine, View 2, published my article on a new and interesting concept store in Amsterdam.
The magazine View 2, is a bible of 'style and trend' information, which is always delivering insights into 'what is coming up next', from the international streets and catwalks!

Issue 16, titled 'Immerse',  features a shop report titled 'Hot Retail'. The report highlights 4 concept stores in 4 different fashion capitals. London, Paris, Tokyo and Amsterdam.

My article was focused on the concept store 'Baskèts', located in Amsterdams', Elandsgracht area.

Elandsgracht 57, 
1016 TN Amsterdam

This special store is dedicated to cool labels and brands with an urban style. But what makes this store interesting is that it is without the pretentious attitude of other fashion retail stores, as it caters to a wider audience, from the practical to the cool!

The store expanded last August, to create a double fronted store, with fashion and lifestyle focus on one side and sneakers and urban chic on the other side.

This is a sneaker and fashion concept store, where the brand mix has a rare sense of curated style.
Look out for the newest labels and limited editions form brands such as Ontour, Daily Movement, Carhartt,  Filling Pieces, ETQ, Gourmet, and Diemme.

See below a transcript of my text for the magazine article and be sure to vist the store!

Baskèts - Amsterdam by Sidney Rhule for View 2 magazine. February 2014.

Design and creativity are the buzzwords of Amsterdam, a bustling city alive with a fantastic selection of art, design and concept stores. Last autumn saw the opening of the second Baskèts store located in the heart of the Jordaan neighbourhood on Elandsgracht. 

[This area is also home to a number of inspiring retail environments including Tenue de Nimes and boasts its own neighbourhood e-magazine The Elandsgracht (www.elandsgracht.com)]

The black wooden storefront of Baskèts has a classic charm and an authentic feel and the huge glass windows open onto an interior that seems to go on forever. With good vibes, cool tunes and the softly muted scent of fragranced candles Baskèts serves more than just the sneaker freak, it is also a connoisseur of good honest style. 

Brands on sale include Scandinavian style maestros Norse Project, Ontour, Samsoe & Samsoe, Vans x Kenzo, Filling Pieces, Nike and a fantastic collection of Gourmet sneakers in leaf camouflage and sting ray patterns.

Getting attention and followers from all over the world ensures their selection stays fresh and dynamic. New deliveries can be checked out on Instagram at #Basketsamsterdam, making it easy to plan when to jump on new trends, such as ETQ- Amsterdam, who recently launched a limited edition, all black sneakers collection to much hype, creating queues around the block!

Baskèts really does deliver a touch of exclusivity, original colours, abstract patterns, unusual materials and a mix of ‘Nu Skool’ charm. Enjoy! 

February 2014, Amsterdam

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Trends - Foxy style check.

Something for the ladies........

Keep it wild Blue and Emerald green!
8 parts Utility, 2 parts Denim and 10 parts Foxy style.

We know that this is the moment for special accessories, everywhere we look we can see innovative styles in clutch purses, colourful geometric designs in hand bags and shoulder bags. Refined jewellery and fancy creative touches in earrings and necklaces are really topping of many looks.  

Of course the rising star of the moment... a little attention to understated make up and effortless beauty... but don't over do it!

Its amazing what a simple Dark Red tone lipstick can do to freshen up your smile......

As with the boys, we see a statement in blue on blue colour dressing, which will continue for some time. 
Keep it simple.. and mix in shades and textures. 
Jackets continue to inspire and excite, Swing coats, A line jackets and a Belted waist lines are here to accent on the femininity, whilst keeping this look modern and city versatile.

This is a statement in tonal dressing with a sultry attitude, a lesson in chic and effortless individuality.

Watch out for this Winter coming up.. YOU NEED FUR and A HAT! 

They are wearing ..... WWD.com

Trends - The modern casual style.

Something for the Boys!

Through a scan in the world of men's fashion blogs, I fell across some inspirational looks to adapt for this Spring.

It's perfect in the realms of Northern Europe, with light Spring we are having. So No complaints, this is what being in 'The Netherlands' is all about.
Here the early bird catches the best worms! As anything can happen by the end of the day, better get outside quick while it lasts, as OP=OP, as they say over here!

It's very fresh, with a crisp twist in the air and perfect timing for a little 'wind proof' style 'wrap up'.

Some of the key elements are all in the layers.
It has a 'Denim mentality' at heart, with a sense of the outdoors adventure, where tough, hard wearing items and have a timeless feel.

You need Jackets right now, especially Parkas, in check or colour blocked.
This is a style 'Must Have. 
Keep it shower and wind proof with a preppy element and you're on the right track.

Then consider mixing Utility style and Graduate chic. 
That's the message with spring tweed coats, worn open loosely 
(or 'a-la-Parisienne style' completely unbuttoned and draped over the shoulders.) 
......plus an Oxford shirt and a nonchalant addition of the M65 field jacket.

Pop the collar, add some aged denim and a pair of Brogues, hopefully from Alden and your on the road!

The guys at Moncler know how to make a modern field Jacket!

Mixing fabrics, super light nylon, mixing colours, the two best shades of Olive Green, and with a combat spirit- well your ready to go!

Moncler SS2014 - matchesfashion.com

But this is what I call the "Denim jacket and the Double breasted 2 step"!

Bring it back, bring it back, the denim jacket needs a fresh outing!
Spring layers are happening here too.

This is the moment to experiment with this look, keep it tonal - Blue is the colour right now, shaded in bright blue, light blue and washed out blue. 

As a little tip, wear it a little 'oversized', as this keeps it versatile, you always have the option to close the buttons, otherwise this is a strictly "before lunch" look!!

This city style, that has graduated from the streets of Florence (The Pitti Men) and Milan into an everyday, cosmopolitan, style statement.

Have a bag, a soft cable knit hat and quality leather accessories and this is the look of choice for a day out in the town!

Enjoy. x SR

Images, "They are wearing".... WWD.com